Garbage and Noise on Mon 2/27/17


Artist Title Album New Local
Dillinger Four Our Science Is Tight
The Lawrence Arms On With The Show The Greatest Story Ever Told
Dead To Me I Wanna Die In Los Angeles I Wanna Die In Los Angeles
None More Black The Ratio Of People To Cake File Under Black
The Ergs Sneak Attack Thrash Compactor
Big Soda Paper Rt. Paper Route
Bad Banana Cry About It Pen Pals
The Molochs Charlie's Lips America's Velvet Glory
All Them Witches Bruce Lee Sleeping Through The War
The Proper Ornaments 1969 Foxhole
Nah 1 Michael
Desparacidos Manana Read Music/ Speak Spanish
Unwound Valentine Card Fake Train
Shellac Compliant Dude Incredible
The Evaporators Ogopogo Punk Mohawks & Dreadlocks
The Menzingers Black Mass After The Party
Mclusky Alan Is A Cowboy Killer Do Dallas
Peach Kelli Pop Girls Of Summer S/T
Natural Child Crack Mountain S/T 7"
Cy Barkley So Bad So Bad
Numerators Finally Sees Dead
Night Manager Air Jordan 7"
Eating Out That's My Man 7"
The Dirtbombs Chains Of Love Ultraglide In Black
What's New Up So High Let's Dig Em Up #3
Vacant Lot Leaving Here Before Birdmen
Pissed Jeans The Bar Is Low The Bar Is Low
Pissed Jeans Have You Ever Been Furniture The Bar Is Low

Garbage and Noise

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Monday 12-2am
Monday 12-2am
Monday 12-2am
Yelling, Fighting, Trash People - oh wait that's just us. Our existence interpreted through our favorite angry musicians. Many many stupid topics to be discussed. Garbage and Noise - where you belong.
Garage Rock
Reel Big Fish