Garbage and Noise on Mon 3/6/17


Artist Title Album Label New
Ty Segall Break a Guitar Ty Segall
All Them Witches Am I Going Up? Sleeping Through the War
Allison Crutchfield I don't ever wanna leave California Tourist in this Town Merge
Priests Appropriate Nothing Feels Natural
Cloud Nothings Sight Unseen Life Without Sound Carpark
The Menzingers Midwestern States After the Party Epitaph
Shinobu Teachers Get Tired Strange Spring Air
The Weakerthans (Manifesto) Reconstruction Site
Dillinger Four Suckers Intl. Has Gone Public Versus God
Hot Water Music Drunken Third Fuel For The Hate Game
Quicksand Head To Wall Slip
Spirit Of The Beehive Natural Devotion
The Thermals No Culture Icons
Vashti Bunyan Diamond Day
Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins
Clairmel Drop 50 Part Dipshit
Fay Wray La Dolce Vita
Army of Ponch Those Old Hurts
The Detroit Cobras Bad Girl
54/40 Or Fight

Garbage and Noise

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Monday 12-2am
Monday 12-2am
Monday 12-2am
Yelling, Fighting, Trash People - oh wait that's just us. Our existence interpreted through our favorite angry musicians. Many many stupid topics to be discussed. Garbage and Noise - where you belong.
Garage Rock
Reel Big Fish