Garbage and Noise on Sun 4/16/17

carolyn is on tour so i decided to play only good music for once

Artist Title Album New Local
Radio Birdman Aloha Steve & Dano Essential
Bash & Pop On The Rocks Anything Could Happen
Broken Gold Snow Day Recovery Journal
Mclusky The All Encompassing Positive Mcluskyism
Drive Like Jehu Luau Yank Crime
Surgery Action Candy Dope, Guns, & Fucking In The Street
Japandroids North East South West Near to the Wild Heart Of Life
None More Black The Ratio Of People To Cake File Under Black
Iron Chic Cutsey Monster Man Not Like This
Chinese Telephones Prescription Pills And Medical Bills split w/ Dear Landlord
Big Soda Paper Rt. Paper Route
The Sidekicks 1940s Fighter Jet Weight Of Air
Unwound Valentine Card Hyper Vessels
The Underground Railroad to Candyland Th Ppl R Hm The People Are Home
Audacity Counting The Days
Dillinger Four
Lawrence Arms On With The Show The Greatest Story Ever Told
Pissed Jeans Worldwide Marine Asset Financial Analyst Why Love Now
Pissed Jeans Have You Ever Been Furniture Why Love Now
Cherry Glazer Trash People Apocalipstick
The Marked Men On The Outside On The Outside
Future Virgins Around The Edges Late Republic
Cayetana Certain For Miles Certain For Miles
Allison Crutchfield Certain For Miles Tourist In This Town
Loose Tooth Garlic Soup Garlic Soup
Pile Dogs Dogs
Shellac Watch Song 1000 Hurts
Todd Congellieri Laugh For Free 7"

Garbage and Noise

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Monday 12-2am
Yelling, Fighting, Trash People - oh wait that's just us. Our existence interpreted through our favorite angry musicians. Many many stupid topics to be discussed. Garbage and Noise - where you belong.
Garage Rock
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