Music That Matters covered by allisondurham on Sun 4/16/17

Allison from Dial Error covering for Music That Matters!

Artist Title Album
Stephen Malkmus Jenny and the Ess-Dog Stephen Malkmus
Lois Capital A Infinity Plus
Rilo Kiley The Execution of All Things The Execution of All Things
Protex Heartache All We Wanna Do Is Rock'N'Roll
L. Daniels Nitecap Eccentric Soul: The Tragar & Note Labels
Wanda Jackson I May Never Get to Heaven Right or Wrong
Townes Van Zandt Hunger Child Blues In the Beginning
Miracle Legion All for the Best Surprise Surprise Suprise
The Mekons Where Were You? Where Were You? 7"
The Replacements Left of the Dial Tim
Black Tambourine For Ex-Lovers Only Black Tambourine
Talulah Gosh Do You Remember Was It Just a Dream?
Velocity Girl My Forgotten Favorite My Forgotten Favorite 7"
The Raincoats Life On the Line The Raincoats
Lucinda Williams People Talkin' World Without Tears
Abner Jay I'm So Depressed True Story Of Abner Jay
Big Star Try Again #1 Record/Radio City
Feist Past in Present The Reminder
Cat Power American Flag Moon Pix
Oppenheimer Analysis Subterranean Desire New Mexico
Oto Anyway Anyway
CC Dust Never Going to Die CC Dust 12"
Flesh World Poolside Boys The Wild Animals In My Life
Trauma Harness Frances Bay The Way Your Press On Harder
Wiccans Crust Royalty Skullduggery
Ivy Boy's Gotta Go Demo
Triage Hide In Shame Power Beat 7"
Uranium Club Who Made The Man? All Of Them Naturals
The World In Pieces Managerial Material
Wire I Am the Fly Chairs Missing
Stereolab The Seeming and the Meaning Peng!
The Sound Winning From The Lion's Mouth

Music That Matters

W. Einstein
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