Garbage and Noise on Mon 6/5/17

Artist Title Album New
Pissed Jeans Sam Kinnison Woman Sam Kinnison Woman 7"
Mclusky Alan Is A Cowboy Killer Mcluskyism
Minutemen Political Nightmare 3 way tie for last
The Stranglers Do the European Do the European 7"
Desparacidos Manana Read Music/ Speak Spanish
Vacation I wish I Could Be Someone Else Non-Person
Primetime Pervert Going Places EP
Savoy Motel Souvenir Shop Rock Savoy Motel
The #1s Sharon Shouldn't 7"
Rozwell Kid Kangaroo Pocket Too Shabby
Screaming Females Boyfriend What If Someone Is Watching Their TV
Dillinger Four Bite The Curb This Shit Is Genius
King Woman Created In The Image Of Suffering Utopia
Aye Nako We're Different Now Silver Haze
Lifter Puller Secret Santa Cruz Slips Backwards
Grabass Charlestons Apocalypse Whenever Dale & The Careeners
The Menzingers Irish Goodbyes some comp or something idk
Jawbreaker Sea Foam Green Etc.
The Courtneys Virgo II
Daddy Issues Mosquito Bite Deep Dream
Chastity Belt Different Now I Used To Spend So Much Time Alone
Warm Soda I Don't Wanna Grow Up I Don't Wanna Grow Up

Garbage and Noise

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Monday 12-2am
Monday 12-2am
Monday 12-2am
Yelling, Fighting, Trash People - oh wait that's just us. Our existence interpreted through our favorite angry musicians. Many many stupid topics to be discussed. Garbage and Noise - where you belong.
Garage Rock
Reel Big Fish