Bleeder Radio on Mon 6/12/17

Artist Title Album New
Mutoid Man Date With The Devil War Moans
Pestilence Lost Souls Testimony Of The Ancients
Celtic Frost Into The Crypts Of Rays Morbid Tales
Mastodon Circle Of Cysquatch Blood Mountain
Brain Drill Forcefed Human Shit The Parasites
SikTh Century Of The Narcissist? The Future In Whose Eyes?
Indukti Indukted Idmen
Indricothere IV Indricothere
Destroyer 666 Traitor Wildfire
Gorerotted Bed 'Em, Behead 'Em Mutilated In Minutes
Cannabis Corpse Gateways To Inhalation Beneath Grow Light Thou Shalt Rise
Ghoul Spill Your Guts Splatterhash
Rancid Corruption Rancid
The Suicide Machines War Profiteering Is Killing Us All War Profiteering Is Killing Us All
Glass Casket Genesis Desperate Man's Diary
MAL Vomiting Fire Eonian Quiescence
Pelican Geometry Of Murder Ephemeral
Iron Maiden Wrathchild Killers
Callisto Pathos Noir
Whitechapel This Is Exile This Is Exile
Revocation The Hive Revocation
Strapping Young Lad Bring On The Young SYL
Shrinebuilder Blind For All To See Shrinebuilder
Black Pyramid No Life King Black Pyramid

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