Hanging With Mr. Cooper on Sun 7/2/17

Allison Cooper 360 - First ep! But not with Cooper bc he is in Bermuda... we have Bryce hanging instead!

Artist Title Album New
Eddy Current Suppression Ring Which Way to Go Primary Colours
Girls At Our Best! Warm Girls Pleasure
Chalk Circle The Slap Reflection
Garbage Only Happy When It Rains Absolute Garbage
Aye Nako Nightcrawler Silver Haze
Mirah Murphy Bed You It's Like This But It's Like This
Farao The Hours Farao EP
Cocteau Twins Sea, Swallow Me The Moon and the Melodies (feat. Harold Budd)
Karen Dalton Right, Wrong or Ready It's So Hard to Tell Who's Going To Love You the Best
Hazel Dickens and Alice Foster (Gerrard) Won't You Come and Sing For Me? Won't You Come and Sing For Me?
Fleet Foxes On Another Ocean (January/June) Crack-Up
Big Thief Capacity Capacity
Izzy True Cake Troll
Moor Mother Time Float Fetish Bones
Lora Logic Martian Man Fanfare In the Garden
Tenement The Stranger Couple in Love Tenement
Alina Bea Take A Bite Take A Bite
Deerhoof Milk Man Milk Man
Japanese Breakfast Boyish Soft Sounds From Another Planet
Mothers It Hurts Until It Doesn't When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired
Ride Today Today Forever
Outer Spaces Postman A Shedding Snake
Jay Som (BedHead) Everybody Works
Miracle Legion Out to Play Out to Play 12"
Grass Widow Fried Egg Past Time
Sneaks Hair Slick Back It's A Myth
Kebab Life It's A Joke We Live in System
Honey Bane Girl On the Run Girl On the Run 7"

Hanging With Mr. Cooper

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