Bleeder Radio on Wed 10/4/17

Artist Title Album
Cancer Bats Cursed With A Conscious Searching For Zero
Buckethead Fizzy Lipton Drinks The Elephant Man's Alarm Clock
System Of A Down DDevil System Of A Down
Melvins We All Love Judy The Maggot
Revocation Dethroned Chaos Of Forms
Gojira Wisdom Comes The Link
Mastodon Circle Of Cysquatch Blood Mountain
Pain Of Salvation Idiocracy Scarsick
Oathbreaker Being Able To Feel Nothing Rheia
Xasthur Spoken In Vibes of Coldness / Nightmares at Dawn Nightmares At Dawn
Xasthur Spell Within The Winds A Gate Through Bloodstains
A Perfect Circle Rose Mer De Noms
In Flames The Jester's Dance The Jester Race
Serious Beak Tui / Tuo Huxwhukw
Gorguts Inverted From Wisdom To Hate
Incubus New Skin s.c.i.e.n.c.e.
Dead Cross Divine Filth Dead Cross
Uncle Slam Judgement Day Say Uncle
Finntroll Trollhammaren Trollhammaren
Lamb Of God Beating On Death's Door Sacrament
Mutoid Man Reptilian Soul Bleeder

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