Bleeder Radio on Wed 10/11/17

Artist Title Album
Cave In Jupiter Jupiter
Melvins Sweet Will Rollbar Stoner Witch
Superjoint Ritual It Takes No Guts Use Once And Destroy
Between The Buried And Me Anablephobia The Silent Circus
SikTh Century Of The Narcissist? The Future in Whose Eyes?
Behold... The Arctopus Paincave Split w/ Orthelm
Dog Fashion Disco Headless Anarchists of Good Taste
Car Bomb Auto-Named 'w'w^^w'w'
Archagathus Mincecore Fabio Canadian Horse
Ghoul Blood Feast Transmission Zero
Necrot Rather Be Dead Blood Offerings
Exhumed Defenders of the Grave Defenders of the Grave single
Iron Reagan I Predict the Death of Harold Camping Worse Than Dead
Impaled Gorenography The Dead Still Dead Remain
Venom Prison The Primal Chaos The Primal Chaos
Dead Cross The Future Has Been Cancelled Dead Cross
Cryptopsy Slit Your Guts None So Vile
The Locust Identity Exchange Program Rectum Return Policy The Locust
Zig Zags The Sadist Running Out of Red
Impaled We Belong Dead Mondo Medicale
Incubus On the Burial Ground Beyond the Unknown
Lightning Bolt The Metal East Fantasy Empire
Agathocles Mince-Core Humarrogance
Ghoul Skull Beneath the Skin We Came for the Dead
Abnormality Visions 2007 Demo
Noisem Blossoming Of The Web Blossoming Decay
Wormrot Compulsive Disposition Dirge

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