Bleeder Radio on Wed 11/15/17

Artist Title Album New
Bongripper Hate Ashbury pt IV Hate Ashbury
Alice In Chains All Secrets Known Black Gives Way To Blue
The Body & Thou The Devils Of Trust Steal The Souls Of The Free Released From Love / You, Whom I Have Always Hated
Bad Acid Trip Con vs. Chem Worship Of Fear
Buckethead Funbus Enter The Chicken
Caninus Alien Report Split w/ Cattle Decapitation
Car Bomb Rid Centralia
System Of A Down 36 Steal This Album!
Infant Annihiliator Neonatalimpalionecrophiliation The Elysian Grandeval Galèriarch
The Black Dahlia Murder Den Of The Picquerist Ritual
Blotted Science Oscillation Cycles The Machinations Of Dementia
Decrepit Birth The Sacred Geometry Axis Mundi
The Haunted The Medusa The Dead Eye
Amorphis White Night Under The Red Cloud
Myrkur Måneblôt Mareidt
Thy Catafalque Jura Sgùrr
Cynic How Could I Focus
Animals As Leaders Isolated Incidents Weightless
Primitive Man My Will Caustic
Portal The Black Wards Vexovoid
Incantation Rites Of The Locust Profane Nexus
Skeletonwitch Burned From Bone Serpents Unleashed
Battlemaster The Mindflayer's Addiction Warthirsting and Winterbound
Exhumed Night Work Death Revenge
Psyopus Mannequin Ideas Of Reference
Dead Cross Shillelagh Dead Cross
The Casualties Unknown Soldier On The Front Line

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