Down Underground on Sun 4/1/18

Spotify playlist:

Artist Title Album Label
Slip-On Stereo Shadows Self-released
Lady Lash Busy Bee Pearl Self-released
Boo Seeka Calling Out Never Too Soon Sureshaker
SAFIA Freakin' Out Self-released
E^ST The Money Song Get Money! Parlophone
The Rubens Million Man Self-released
LANKS twentyseven THAA
Art of Sleeping Shoulders Independent Music Project
I Know Leopard Let Go Ivy League
Lime Cordiale Temper Temper Permanent Vacation Chugg Music
Bad/Dreems Mob Rule Gutful Ivy League
Dune Rats Demolition Derby The Kids Will Know It's Bullsh*t Dine Alone
Hockey Dad Babes Dreamin Farmer & The Owl
Tired Lion Where Were You? Dumb Days Dew Process
Bluejuice Vitriol Retrospectable Dew Process
British India My Love Forgetting The Future AntiFragile Music
The Belligerents Caroline Science Fiction Self-released
Ocean Alley The Comedown Chiaroscuro Self-released
Archie Roach We Won't Cry Into The Bloodstream Liberation Music

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