Hanging With Mr. Cooper on Tue 6/26/18

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Yesco Rectngle Werlds LP
The Louvin Brothers Satan Is Real Preach the Gospel
C0MPUTER i'm a bitch & i'll kill you how the neobrutalists won the west
LordMiguel Sadboy Destruktor R.I.P.
Cascadia Voider Weighted
buster w.c.w KuPo!
Ovlov Spright >> Stick >> Short Morgan Tru
I Hate Rachel Club in dreams
San Coyote Alien San Coyote / EP
Sans Aids Big Nothing Sans AIDS/Lake Country Split Tape
blue odeur Indigo PALE SHELTE
The Body the last form of loving I have fought against it, But I can't any longer
The Body can carry no weight I have fought against it, But I can't any longer
Jarub Si lo quieres No podría decir cómo llegué hasta aquí
Blowdryer Photocopy s/t
Permanent Body Leaving Today Permanent Body
Unrecovery Check S/T
Kraus More Death End Tomorrow
Doffing Motivation Tower of Ten Thousand Miles
Long Beard Hates the Party Seepwalker
Orion Sun goodbye
Really Big Pinecone Chorus Girl What I Said About The Pinecone
Salem 66 Love & Truth Love & Truth [REQUEST]
Lester blunder swamp
Chapterhouse Mesmerise Whirlpool
Jackal Onasis Big Deal Party Big Deal Party
Margaret Bloodspot The Most Fun that Two People Can Have Together
Lily Konigsberg 7 smile 4 picture tear
Tierra Whack Hungry Hippo >> Pet Cemetery Whack World
B 301 Mi Yo Deficiente (Intro) Mi yo deficiente
Haybaby Yours Yours

Hanging With Mr. Cooper

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