Roadrunner on Thu 2/7/19

with co-DJ Jeremy

Artist Title Album New Local
William Tyler Fail Safe Goes West
Nathan Bowles Elk River Blues Plainly Mistaken
Valley Maker Light on the Ground Rhododendron
Sneaks Highway Hypnosis Highway Hypnosis
Mike Krol Power Chords Power Chords
Os Mutantes Caminhante Noturno "Mutantes"
Guerilla Toss Come Up with Me Twisted Crystal
Weyes Blood Names of Stars Angels of America Split
New Fries Mary Poppins Pockets More
Locate S,1 The Count of Monte Critico Healing Contest
Kassav Mwen Malad Aw Best Of
Ros Serey Sothea Chnam Oun Dop Praya Mauy Rough Guide to Psychedelic Cambodia
Warehouse Simultaneous Contrasts Super Low
Downtown Boys 100% Inheritance Tax Full Communism
Melkbelly Bathroom at the Beach Bathroom at the Beach
The Stooges Tight Pants Heavy Liquid
Broadcast Unchanging Window The Noise Made by People
Ramona Cordova Year One On Paper
Body/Head In the Dark Room The Switch
Silver Jews New Orleans Starlite Walker


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