The Stardust Revue on Mon 10/21/19

Covering for Julie H's Gallimaufry 6pm to 8pm EST

Artist Title Album Label
Saint Pepsi Egg McMacy Mannequin Challenge
Saint Pepsi Myself When I Am Real Mannequin Challenge
Minako Yoshida Midnight Driver Pacific Breeze
Haruomi Hosono Sports Men Pacific Breeze
Monari Wakita LEMON Ahead!
m-flo Toxic Sweet (feat. JP The Wavy) Toxic Sweet - Single
Nmesh Stark Black Pomiscus 100% Electronicon Mixtape
PETZ RPG (feat. Ozworld) Cosmos
Himera and Jel Whisper Whisper - Single Aurawire
CFCF December 25, 1999 December 25, 1999
DJ Seinfeld Mono Melo Galazy
Ross From Friends RATS Family Portrait
Jacques Greene For Love Dawn Chorus
CFCF Translucently Happy Liquid Colors
Default Genders Pharmacoma (for ben deitz) main pop girl 2019
Utada Hikaru Boukyaku (feat. KOHH) Fantome
T.O.P Doom Dada (Uio Loi Remix)
Chromatics You're No Good Closer to Grey
Lone How Can You Tell Abraxas EP
LTJ Bukem Horizons Logical Progression
DJ Seinfeld Right, What Time Do U Wanna Meet? Parallax [ep]
Denki Groove Volcanic Drumbeats A
Mic Banditz Beautiful Days The Visitorz
R23X You can't go this way right now Veltahl
Vektroid Sakuragaoka Vektroid Texture Maps

The Stardust Revue

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