Bad Girls Gone Good on Mon 2/3/20

Eliza takes over first hour! :)

Artist Title Album New
Hunck All Dressed Up All Dressed Up
FEET Petty Thieving What's inside is more than just ham
Mystery Jets Hospital Radio Petty Drone
Squid Match Bet Town Centre
Parcels Overnight Overnight
The Pesos Baby Carpet Dope
Guided by Voices Street Party Sweating the Plague
Green Buzzard I don't want to be alone Amidst the Clutter and Mess
Merk I'm Easy Swordfish
Hunck So Far, So Deep Never Had a Dream
Vetiver A Door Shuts Quick Up on High
The Gonks My Glamorous Mother Five Things You Didn't Know About The Gonks
Hovvdy 1999 Heavy Litter
Charlie Megira Nothing Tomorrow's Gone
Gnarcissists We All Just Wanna Caught in the Web
Gantez Buried in Roses Frog Rock
Nature TV Photograph Ep 1
Hater The Mornings Siesta
Forth Wanderers Know Better slop
Fishing In Japan Constantinople Constantinople
Herbie Handcock RockIt Future Shock
Jessi Blue Oranje Guice Lips Do What Hands Do
Walrus Cool To Who Cool To Who
Twin Peaks Unfamiliar Sun Lookout Low
Care Can't Tell You How to Dress Well
Firstworld What a Drag What a Drag
Margaux Palm More Brilliant is The Hand That Throws the Coin
Lyncs The Mirror The Mirror
Women Shaking Hand Women
Thrice Promises Major/Minor

Bad Girls Gone Good

Thursday 12-1pm
Thursday 12-2pm
Monday 2-4pm
Friday 12-2pm
Friday 10am-12pm
Let's dance, baby!