Partly Cloudy on Wed 2/5/20

Artist Title Album Label New Local
The Garden Clench to Stay Awake Single Epitaph (2020)
Deeper This Heat Single Fire Talk (2020)
Floral Tattoo Life in Color You Can Never Have A Long Enough Head Start Self-Released (2020)
glass beach neon glow the first glass beach album Self-Released (2019)
Blue Smiley air ok Self-Released (2016)
Duster Ghoulish Duster muddguts (2019)
Mr. Elevator Love Again Goodbye, Blue Sky Castle Face (2020)
The Comet is Coming Lifeforce Part II The Afterlife Impulse! (2019)
Freddie Gibbs & Madlib Fake Names Bandana RCA (2019)
lojii run it down Lofeye Youngbloods (2018)
Wiki Vidal (interlude) OOFIE Wikiset LTD (2019)
Freddie Gibbs & Madlib Crime Pays Bandana RCA (2019)
JPEGMAFIA Free the Frail All My Heroes Are Cornballs EQT Recordings (2019)
DJ Shadow Firestorm Our Pathetic Age Mass Appeal (2019)
The Gonks I'm A Gonk Five Things You Didn't Know About The Gonks Rocks In Your Head (2019)
PVA Divine Intervention Single Manata Ltd (2019)
Public Practice Fate/Glory Single Wharf Cat (2018)
Whyte Horses Ca Plane Pour Moi Hard Times CRC Records (2020)
Crack Cloud Philosopher's Calling Crack Cloud Deranged Records (2018)
Solid Space Destination Moon Space Museum Dark Entires (2017)
The Ire Torch Song DEMO Self-Released (2019)
Gnarcissists Eat Your Young Caught in the Webb muddguts (2019)
Skull Cult Cyco Killer Braindead Going Underground (2019)
Fried Egg Grown Fat Square One Feel It (2019)
Bib The Fool Single Pop Wig (2020)
CAMPULASKISHOUSEFIRE ihavegamergirlsinmydreams CAMPULASKISHOUSEFIRE Mass Panic (2020)
No Tongues for Quiet People Lost Patterns Joint Fortune Self-Released (2020)
Scottibrains Sustained Threat - Full Version Single Manata Ltd (2018)
black midi Sweater Single Rough Trade (2020)
Big Ups Wool Eightteen Hours of Static Dead Labour (2013)

Partly Cloudy

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