Bad Girls Gone Good on Mon 2/17/20

Catharine takes her on air test at 3-4pm!

Artist Title Album New
Bent Swollen Best Of
Slender SO Time on Earth
Blaze Pascal Morning on Fire These Days Are Ours: Best of 2018
Alex Cameron Other Ladies Miami Memory
Future Crib Pocket Friends
Dreamin Wild Be My Hero Heaven in Thirty-Eleven
Field Music Coffee or Wine Making a New World
RALPH TV Anywhere Anywhere
Deserta Monica Black Aura My Sun
Nature TV Moonlight EP 2
Jackie Hayes Blink Blink
The Black Seeds Wide Open Dust and Dirt
Sebastian Roca Drinking On My Own Parkiew Demos
Start of on air test
Baily Baum Simple Feelings Single
Sean Henry Rain Rain A Jump From The High Dive
Madson. Kill the Voice Inside Your Head Single
HMLTD Loaded West of Eden
Ayla D'lyla Prince in Blue Single
elkhorm Electric One The Storm Sessions
Rynn Before I Loved You Single
Shana Falana Go Higher Darkest Light
Daniela Andrade Genesis Single
Dead Horse One Echo Street The West is the Best
TRACES High and Dry Single
The Black Seeds Wide Open Dust and Dirt
Rent Romus' Lords of Outland A Glass Darkly 25 Years Under the Mountain
The Sisterhood Jihad Gifts
Yoste Empty Single

Bad Girls Gone Good

Thursday 12-1pm
Thursday 12-2pm
Monday 2-4pm
Friday 12-2pm
Friday 10am-12pm
Let's dance, baby!