Bad Girls Gone Good on Mon 3/9/20

Artist Title Album New
Louie Zong Pool Vibes More Beats
Superheart 2001 Opening Credits
Caribou You and I Suddenly
The Pom-Poms Full Circle The Pom-Poms
iji Where are you? iji
iji Merger iji
Nice guys, Dumbo Gets Mad Makes You Fly Nice Guys You Love (Volume 1)
Men I Trust Seven (Album V) Oncle Jazz
Honey Radar Almanac Singer Ruby Puff Of Dust
Shopping Initative All Or Nothing
Mo Troper Your New Friend Natural Beauty
James V Television Television
Dumbo Gets Mad Indian Food Quantum Leap
Brooklyn Funk Essentials Funk Ain't Ova Stay Good
Club Kuru Film Credits Meet Your Maker
Jake Sherman Midnight Escapade Midnight Escapade
Regular Spread Chinatown Chinatown
Purr Hard To Realize Like New
Bridal Party Tylenol Too Much
Ryan Power The Slime Mind the Neighbors
Slow Pulp High Big Day
Charly Bliss Supermoon Superman
Sophie Blush Blush
Issac Winemiller Superbloom Superbloom
Destroyer It Just Doesn't Happen Have We Met
Andy Burns Ghost Discus Ghost Discus
Deserta Monica Black Aura My Sun
Sports Boyfriend Fear of God Fear of God
Baseball Greg, Zeima Stone The Breeze Calendar
Count on Me Superheart Opening Credits

Bad Girls Gone Good

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Friday 10am-12pm
Let's dance, baby!