Bad Girls Gone Good on Mon 3/16/20

The throwback show!

I know the world is crazy with everything going on right now, but please stay safe and if anyone is feeling anxious during these times it will not last forever.

Lots of love and will see you soon!

Artist Title Album New
Destroyer This Doesn't Just Happen Have We Met
Brooklyn Funk Essentials Funk Ain't Ova Stay Good
Metronomy The Light Metronomy Forever
The Hoops On Top Routines
BODEGA Knife On The Platter Shiny New Model
The Pineapples The Living Twice On The Pipe
Sugar John Queen Of Spain Sugar John
Jake Sherman Midnight Escapade Jake Sherman Gets Sexy
Men I Trust Poodle Of Mud Oncle Jazz
Duster Chocolate and Mint Duster
Nolan Garrett Morning Morning
Jaguar Sun Forever and More Forever and More
Men I Trust All Night Oncle Jazz
RAPLH TV Anywhere Anywhere
The Applesauce Tears Man Without Map Wonders
Nice Guys, Dumbo Gets Mad Makes You Fly Nice Guys Love You (Volume 1)
The Pom-Poms Full Circle The Pom-Poms
Sean Henry So Real A Jump From The High Dive
Sound Of Ceres Fire Lily Fire Lily
James V Television Television
Purr Hard To Realize Like New
Blue Material Personal Personal
Berhana Golden HAN
Deserta Monica Black Aura My Sun
Bent Swollen Best Of

Bad Girls Gone Good

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Monday 2-4pm
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Friday 10am-12pm
Let's dance, baby!