Where's the (remote)? on Thu 12/31/20

Best of 2020 show

Artist Title Album Label Local
Pet Shimmers Uhtceare Trash Earthers 2020
Wyatt Smtih Win Full Circle 2020
waveform* Tell You Last Room 2020
MILLY Star Thistle Blossom single 2020
Pulsr Cross Eyed The Three 2020
sundots crazy sundots and the carpet store 2020
Clothesline from Hell Beaten Path Something Nothing 2020
Teethe Under the Breeze s/t 2020
Sprain Slant As Lost Through Collision 2020
Joyer East Kill Sun Into Flies 2020
Palberta The Way That You Do single 2020
draag me Money I Am Gambling With My Life 2020
Foam Pop Fly So, Anyway 2020
Ulla Soak Tumbling Towards a Wall 2020
Fish Hunt Milk Staying Small 2020
Lomelda Wonder Hannah 2020
Christlike South Clouds Move 2020
Sword II Shower Between II Gardens 2020
Them Airs Reciprocate Union Suit XL 2020
Peel Dream Magazine NYC Illuminati Agitrop Alterna 2020
Helvetia 3 Boys This Devastating Map 2020
Crisman Portrait Crisman 2020
Gum Country Waterfall Somewhere 2020
Cindy Justin I'm Cindy 2020
Freak Heat Waves Dripping Visions Zap the Planet 2020
Silverbacks Fad '95 Fad 2020
Lily & Horn Horse 1, 4 and More Republicans for Bernie 2020
Horse Lords People's Park The Common Task 2020

Where's the (remote)?

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