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Artist Title Album New Local
The Arrivals Simple Pleasures In America Volatile Molotov
Spirit Of The Beehive ENTERTAINMENT Entertainment, Death
Dillinger Four Fuck You Mrs. Rochelle More songs about girlfriends and bubblegum
Vacation Capital Drive Zen Quality Seed Crystal
Swearin' Kenosha s/t
Night Marchers All Hits Allez Allez
Billy No Mates One Wave Short Of Shipwreck S.F. Sourdough
Mannequin Pussy Control Perfect
The Rebel Spell They Know Four Songs About Freedom
Fucked Up Track XX Year Of The Horse (Act Three)
The Holy Mess Trash Age Trash Age
Propaghandi I Am A Rifle I Am A Rifle
The St Pierre Snake Invasion Casanovacaine Caprice Enchante
Pile The Soft Hands of Stephen Miller Green and Gray
Angel Du$t Toxic Boombox Rock the Fuck On Forever
Shannon & The Clams Hunk Hunt Hunk Hunt
Pinhead Gunpowder At Your Funeral Compulsive Disclosure
Laura Jane Grace So Long, Farewell Stay Alive
The Measure [SA] Drunk By Noon Songs About People And Fruit And Shit
The Briefs Poor And Weird Hit After Hit
Off With Their Heads That Must Be Nigel With The Brie Hi FIve For The Rapture
Lifter Puller Secret Santa Cruz Slips Backwards
The Hold Steady The Feelers Open Door Policy
Brainiac Vincent Come On Down Hissing Prigs In Static Couture
mclusky There Ain't No Fool In Ferguson mcluskyism
Fugazi Foreman's Dog End Hits
Jets To Brazil Morning New Disease Orange Rhyming Dictionary
Hot Snakes If Credit's What Matters I'll Take Credit Automatic Midnight
Tiltwheel 2:07am Mother Stoat Singles Club
Toys That Kill Birds In Catsuits split w/ Raging Hormones
Dark Thoughts Do You Dream Do You Dream 7"
Snuff Gyoza There's a lot of it about
The Briefs Poor And Weird
The Sidekicks Hop On A Sea Cow And Manatee Up Sam
Dinosaur Jr. Garden Sweep It Into Space
Drakula Sonny Tsu Raw Wave
Emperor X Wasted On The Senate Floor Oversleepers International
Jeff Rosenstock Airwalks SKA DREAM
Pretty Boy Thorson We Run split w/ Dan Padilla
The Ergs Every Romance Language split w/ Grabass Charlestons


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Total Request Live (known commonly as TRL) was an American television program broadcast on MTV that premiered on September 14, 1998. The series featured popular music videos played during its countdown, and was also used as a promotion tool by musicians, actors, and other celebrities to promote their newest works to the show's target teen demographic.