Glass Cannon on Mon 6/28/21

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Artist Title Album Label New Local
SCALPING The Perimeter Flood Houndstooth
NET GALA You'll Never See Me Lose It CRSL 001: 8 Years of cakeshop Carousel
BOSCO Gold Ghost Boy Fool's Gold Records
FYI Chris Tempora Earth Scum Black Acre
Copy Night Terror Chosen Atmospheric Pieces Gold Robot Records
White Flowers Portra Day By Day Tough Love
múm Guilty Rocks Go Go Smear the Poison Ivy FatCat Records
Kikuo 物をぱらぱら壊す きくおみミク KIKUO / CFM inc.
Sleigh Bells Comeback Kid Reign of Terror Mom+Pop
Crowjane Estrella Mater Dolorosa Ktten Robot
NYX, Gazelle Twin Better in My Day Deep England NYX Collective Records
Alessandro Cortini FIAMMA SCURO CHIARO Mute Artists
Galactapus Waking the Troll I Intend to Stay Galactapus
Voice Imitator Deregulation Dreaming Plaza 12XU
Pedzo De Carne Con Ojo Iaskthesky Dun Dun Pedazo De Carne Con Ojo

Glass Cannon

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