Soup on Mon 7/5/21

happy 5th of july

Artist Title Album New Local
Shinobu Teachers Get Tired Strange Spring Air
The Weakerthans (Manifest) Reconstruction Site
Dillinger Four Suckers Intl. Has Gone Public Versus God
Angel Du$t Lil House Bigger House
Hot Water Music Drunken Third Fuel For The Hate Game
Quicksand Head To Wall Slip
Jeff Rosenstock Airwalks SKA DREAM
Army Of Ponch Those Old Hurts So Many You Could Never Win
Fay Wray La dolce Vita I Love Everyone
Japanese Breakfast Sit Jubilee
Jeff Rosenstock Leave It In The Ska SKA DREAM
Teenage Fanclub Home Endless Arcade
Against Me! We Laugh At Danger Cause Danger Is Like Dumb And Lame And Stuff Like Really, Danger, That's The Best You've Got, Cmon Reinventing Axl Foley
Mclusky Alan Is A Cowboy Killer Mcluskyism
Klaus Flouride Mochra Cha Cha Cha With Mr. Flouride
Pissed Jeans Sam Kinnison Woman Sam Kinnison Woman
Minutemen Political Nightmare 3 Way Tie For Last
Dead Moon 54/40 Or Fight Unknown Passage
Franz Nicolay Jeff Penalty Major General
Illuminati Hotties Pool Hopping Pool Hopping
Vacation I Wish I Could Be Someone Else Non-Person


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Total Request Live (known commonly as TRL) was an American television program broadcast on MTV that premiered on September 14, 1998. The series featured popular music videos played during its countdown, and was also used as a promotion tool by musicians, actors, and other celebrities to promote their newest works to the show's target teen demographic.
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