Partly Cloudy on Sun 10/31/21

Partly CLOWNY! Halloween show :)

Artist Title Album Label Local
Surfbort Happy Happy Halloween Happy Happy Halloween Inner Freak (2021)
Malaria! Your Turn to Run Compiled 1981-1984 moabit musik (1991)
Devil's Dildo Butcher Baker Nightmare Maker ...Makes Me Cum! muddguts (2020)
This Heat Horizontal Hold This Heat Self-Released (1979)
Giles Corey The Haunting Presence Giles Corey The Flenser (2015)
Beat Happening Zombie Limbo Time Music to Climb the Apple Tree By K Records (2003)
Bona Dish 8am The Zaragoza Tapes 1981-182 Captured Tracks (2013)
Squid The Dial The Dial Speedy Wunderground (2018)
The Bollock Brothers Drac's Back Horror Show MBC Records (2018)
The Agnes Circle Porcelain Some Vague Desire Avant! Records (2016)
Coldreams Don't Cry Don't Cry : Complete Recordings 1984-1986 Camisole Records (2020)
Lebanon Hanover Gallowdance Tomb For Two FABRIKA Records (2013)
Medio Mutante Corre Corre Eadem Mutata Resurgo Self-Released (2015)
Crash Course in Science No More Hollow Doors Near Marineland Schematic Music Co. (2011)
Severed Heads All Saints Day Rotund For Success Nettwerk / Volition (1988)
Delroy Edwards My Promise Hangin' At the Beach L.A. Club Resource (2016)
Oppenheimer Analysis The Devil's Dancers New Mexico Minimal Wave (2010)
Boy Harsher Pain Lesser Man EP Nude Club (2014)
Pixel Grip Body Like That Heavy Handed Feeltrip Records (2019)
Qual How Many Graves The Ultimate Climax Avant! Records (2018)
Geneva Jacuzzi Casket Technophilia Self-Released (2016)
Suicide Dominic Christ A Way of Life Mute (1988)
Olivia Neutron-John March Olivia Neutron-John Sister Polygon (2019)
John Maus Time to Die Songs Ribbon Music (2016)
Ho99o9 Master of Pain (Error) Cyber Warfare Toys Have Powers / 999 Deathkult (2019)

Partly Cloudy

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