Finding Bomberman on Mon 1/24/22

Some songs might have gotten skipped on air due to the fact that our upload didn't play at first but then King peter manually put the mix up thank you peter bomberman thanks you

Artist Title Album
Boiny Aggression Pathologic OST
(Theme) Tweaker Doom 3 OST
Surfacing - Ending Deep Fear (Saturn) OST
Main theme Condemned OST
Vesuvius (5 minute full version) Vampire Bloodlines OST
File 1 Carrier OST
Old Friend Deep Fear OST
Death of Commander Carrier OST
Weird Man Parasite Eve II OST
Most Main Pathologic OST
Out of Phase Parasite Eve I OST
Primal Eyes Parasite Eve I OST
File 2 Carrier OST
Trained to kill (track 19) Manhunt OST
CVN You Argued For Justice I.C.
Arise within you Parasite Eve 3rd Birthday

Finding Bomberman

DJ Mean
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