Partly Cloudy covered by amy.carson on Mon 2/14/22

Partly Cloudy covered by Amy of Music for Pseudo-Intellectuals, or Partly Intellectuals, as coined by Bart lol

Freewheeling it with random pulls from the library, as a special Valentine'd Day treat <3

Artist Title Album Label New
Jessie Ware / Sampha Valentine single 2011
Chet Baker My Funny Valentine Chet Baker Sings 1954
Mitski Valentine, Texas Laurel Hell 2022
Either / Orchesta Amalak abét abét Éthiopiques 20: Live in Addis 2005
The Powerpuff Girls (main theme) ???? idk what to put here its the into lol Powerpuff Girls: Heros and Villans 2000
Shonen Knife Buttercup (I'm a Super Girl) Powerpuff Girls: Heros and Villans 2000
Pizzicato Five Concerto Playboy & Playgirl 1999
Emperor X Erica Western Teleport Erica Western Teleport 2011
Das Yahoos I'll Be There Discpan Hands: A Philadelphia Compilation 1987
X-Ray Spex Art-I-Ficial Germfree Adolescence 1978
Black Country, New Road Chaos Space Marine Ants From Up There 2022
Pram Radio Freak in a Storm Pop (Do We Not Like That?) Compilation 1995
MC Skat Cat & the Stray Mob Big Time The Adventures of MC Skat Cat 1991
MC Skat Cat & the Stray Mod I Ain't No Kitty Yes this is a rap album made by the animated cat from the Paula Abdul "Opposites Attract" music video 1991
MC Skat Cat & the Stray Mod No Dogs Allowed Just the cheesiest 90s hip hop filled with cat puns, its so awful and I love it lol, but why do we have this in our library at the station????? 1991
Big Theif Simulation Swarm single 2022
Cat Power Against the Wind Covers 2022
Caroliner Rainbow Fingers Of The Underground & Their Unbreakable Bones The Ark Manager The Sabre Waving Saracen Wall 1992
Joanna Newsom Divers Divers 2015
The News Loser Hot Off the Presses 1974
BB Eye I'm so annoying Headcheese Heartthrob 2017
The Clientel (I Want You) More Than Ever 15 Years of Merge Records compilation 2004
Pom Poko Enduro Corner This Is Our House 2022
Los Millonarios El Pescador De Baru 12 Exitos Bailables 1979
Of Montereal Spiteful Intervention Paralytic Stalks 2012
Empath Elvis Comeback Special Visitor 2022
Little Wings Magic Wand Magic Wand 2004

Partly Cloudy

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