Hedgehog’s Dilemma on Tue 5/3/22

Artist Title Album New
Q Take Me Where Your Heart Is The Shave Experiment (Director's Cut)
Jay Som Baybee Everybody Works
Kindsight Weekend Thieves Swedish Punk
GRAE Boxes Whiplash
Young Prisms Yourside Drifter
Luna Li Cherry Pit Duality
Hot Flash Heat Wave 2 Birds Sportswear
Oso Oso describe you sore thumb
Me in Capris Summer of Scowling For Those Who Think You
Fishing in Japan Only on the Weekends Only on the Weekends
Chon Book Grow
Sonic Sea Turtles Dancing Dancing
Sleepy Dog 21 Mutts Pleased to Meet You
Andrés I Know a Place Strange Memories on This Nervous Night
toe Run For Word The Future Is Now - EP
It Looks Sad. Creature Kaiju
Japanese Baseball MEMENTO Japanese Baseball - EP
Yumi Zouma In The Eyes Of Our Love Present Tense
Empath House + Universe Visitor
GRAE Spinning Whiplash
TTNG Elk Animals
Heart to Gold Sonic Tom
Short Fictions Against All This, Youth (Song for Matthew) The Heart Is a Kaleidoscope
Origami Angel Tom Holland Oates GAMI GANG
Glocca Morra Me + Geniene Just Married
Heart to Gold Respect Tom
Proper. McConnell The Great American Novel
Michael Cera Palin Laughing Makes It Worse Growing Pains

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lots of twinkly jangly guitars!! music 2 make you feel like the ~cool~ misunderstood teenager you thought you were :’)
Midwest Emo
Indie Pop
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