Glitter for the Brains covered by mci on Mon 9/12/22

Artist Title Album Label
Camille Pépin Indra Camille Pépin: Chamber Music NoMad Music
Vicky Chow Ocean Jane Antonia Cornish: Sierra Cantaloupe Records
Florent Ghys Hana Florent Ghys: Mosaïques Cantaloupe Records
Tchalik Quintet La Ronde pour quintette et piano Thierry Escaich: Short Stories Alkonost
James Mitchell Si Di Staar Deh (for solo organ) Mikhail Johnson Soundcloud
Bass Clarinet: Amy Advocat; Marimba: Matt Sharrock Ton Yo Han Mek Fashan (for bass clarinet and marimba) Mikhail Johnson Soundcloud

Glitter for the Brains

Tuesday 8-10pm
Monday 8-10pm
Saturday 8-9pm
Thursday 12-2pm
Tuesday 2-4pm
Wednesday 6-8pm
Monday 2:30-4pm
Friday 2-3pm
Smooth sounds for those who love their brain tingles
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