Hedgehog’s Dilemma on Mon 11/21/22

Artist Title Album Label New
Muted Color Daisy Chain Pastel
Slow Hollows Nerves Atelophobia
No Buses Rubbish:) Sweet Home
Coaltar Of The Deepers Natsunogyouninzaka - Final Summer Mix Submerge (2022 Remaster)
Macseal Next to You Yeah, No, I Know
nightlife nightlifetypebeat fallback
Julien Chang Marmalade The Sale
girlpuppy Teenage Dream When I'm Alone
Mary Is Happy, Mary Is Happy OST MOUTH MOUTH GIRLS Mary Is Happy, Mary Is Happy OST
she loves boon everything ab u emotional trap
Cecilia Gault Pinky Promise Pinky Promise
Oklou, Casey MQ girl on my throne Galore
chloe moriondo Cdbaby<3 - underscores remix Cdbaby<3 (underscores remix) New
Little Big League Dark Matter These Are Good People.
Donovan Melero, Moondough Odd Reasons Odd Reasons
Jane Remover Royal Blue Walls Royal Blue Walls
WILLOW <maybe> it's my fault <COPINGMECHANISM>
Medoed. Stay Up Sport
Flight Patterns if ur leffen then im chillindude there is no montauk
girlpuppy Wish When I'm Alone
nightlife fallback fallback
Julien Chang Time And Place The Sale
Luke Chiang Shouldn't Be Shouldn't Be
OurR haaAakkKKK!!! haaAakkKKK!!!
Origami Angel Bossa Nova Corps GAMI GANG
Vacations Steady Steady

Hedgehog’s Dilemma

Monday 12-2pm
Tuesday 12-2pm
Monday 12-2pm
lots of twinkly jangly guitars!! music 2 make you feel like the ~cool~ misunderstood teenager you thought you were :’)
Midwest Emo
Indie Pop
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