Hedgehog’s Dilemma on Wed 2/8/23

Artist Title Album New Local
The Royal Arctic Institute The Elated World From Coma to Catharsis
Humilitarian Head in a Jar Head in a Jar
Bicycle Inn Temperance (inverted) Baldr the Beautiful is Dead, is Dead.
Brave Little Abacus A Map of the Stars Masked Dancers: Concern in So Many Things You Forget Where You Are
Parannoul Analog Sentimentalism To See the Next Part of the Dream
SHISHAMO 中庭の少女たち (Nakaniwa no Shoujotachi ) SHISHAMO 3
HYUKOH Comes and Goes 22
Yoh kamiyama Irokousui Closet
Lee Hi, Wonstein H.S.K.T. 4 ONLY
Macseal Next to You Yeah, No, I Know
We Were Glue Stuck In Love Stuck In Love
Mom Jeans. Scott Pilgrim V. My Gpa Best Buds
American Football Never Meant American Football
SEAPOOL サマースクール Sweet Q Love
TRSH Dad Rock Dad Rock
Skrillex, Bladee Real Spring Real Spring
Calein Umaasa Umaasa
glaive pretty stupid lol (77) unreleased
Jvcki Wai NeoClear Enchanted Propaganda
mmeadows By Design Light Moves Around You
Humilitarian Rise Head in a Jar
mrld Maligayang Pagkunwari Maligayang Pagkunwari
Noah Alejandre Nahuhulog Na Sa'yo Nahuhulog Na Sa'yo
Parannoul Polaris After the Magic
Asian Glow Dorothee Thines Dorothee Thines

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lots of twinkly jangly guitars!! music 2 make you feel like the ~cool~ misunderstood teenager you thought you were :’)
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