Junk Drawer on Tue 10/3/23

Artist Title Album New
Papooz Pacific Telephone Night Sketches
Travis Bretzer Did U Ever Notice Bitter Suites
Saint Etienne Spring Foxbase Alpha
Lion You've Got a Woman You've Got a Woman
Tex Crick Punch Er' In the Guts Between Cruel and Tender
Pages If I Saw You Again Pages
Dogs on Shady Lane Cole St. Cole St.
The Millennium 5 a.m. Begin
Babe Rainbow Peace Blossom Boogy The Babe Rainbow
Loving Write A River If I Am Only My Thoughts
The Cleaners From Venus A Personal Issue Blow Away Your Troubles
Leland I've Got Some Happiness A Self-Taught, Decathlon, Hard Rock Musician!
Margo Guryan Something's Wrong with the Morning 27 Demos
Roy Ayers The Memory Vibrations
Emitt Rhodes Somebody Made For Me The Emitt Rhodes Recordings (1969-1973)

Junk Drawer

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