Spilt Milk on Wed 11/15/23

Lunch Today: Food Truck Burger and Fries

Artist Title Album New
King Creosote It's Sin That's Got Its Hold Upon Us I DES
Mali Velasquez Turn Red I'm Green
Sneaker Pimps Post Modern Sleaze - Flight From Nashville Becoming Remixed
Tommy Fleece Hypermasculine Hypermasculine
Jane Remover Census Designated Census Designated
quannnic South Stepdream
Distressor Keepsake Momentary
Wisp Your Face Your Face
Maud Anyways, Casper Iskov Absurd Ipermanent Lane
SWiiMS Staring at the Sun Into The Blue Night
The Sweetest Ache If I Could Shine Glass Arcade
Language of Flowers Where You Belong Songs About You
Fleshwater Backstairs Breathing We're Not Here to Be Loved
aldrich, Curtis Waters tongues industry standard
Sculpture Club It Doesn't Get Better A Place to Stand
The Buttress Brutus Brutus
Prof Myself King Gampo
Glue Vessel Catch As Catch Can
Del Paxton Spiritual Gymnastics Auto Locator
Say Anything Chia-Like, I Shall Grow Is a Real Boy
Slow Children President I Am Slow Children
Book Of Love I Touch Roses Book Of Love
Clan of xymox No Words Clan Of Xymox

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