Hedgehog’s Dilemma on Mon 11/20/23

Artist Title Album Label New
Slow Hollows Old Yeller Old Yeller new
Cafuné Perspective Perspective
Stranger Club Useless Useless
Good Kid From the Start From the Start
The Hotelier In Framing Home, Like Noplace Is There
Prince Daddy & the Hyena Adult Summers (PART 1) Adult Summers
Good Tiger Float On We Will All Be Gone
Polyphia Euphoria Renaissance
soha Little My Quotes the structure of moment
Covet Ares Ares
azar & SEDVTED cloudsurfers cloudsurfers
cade clair Gah Damn Gah Damn
quannnic Sheets Stepdream

Hedgehog’s Dilemma

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lots of twinkly jangly guitars!! music 2 make you feel like the ~cool~ misunderstood teenager you thought you were :’)
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