2-Step on Mon 11/20/23

fun 90's and 00's songs with llbnf and lowercase on og CD's.
also rach & selena helped me cook (go birds)

Artist Title Album Label New
Narrow Head Moments of Clarity Moments of Clarity
quannnic Family Means Stepdream
Salvinorin-A Tapetum Lucidum Tapetum Lucidum new
Aspartame Blue Aspartame
drive your plow over the bones of the dead when what once worked suddenly breaks Demo
Stalled A Feeling of Accomplishment Blank Conduct
Love Lost But Not Forgotten Nobody's Watching Department 23 Upon the Right, I Saw a New Misery 2002
Textbook Traitors From Counting to Calculus You Pull the Strings That Make Us Dance 2002
Calm Be Still / We Will Live Like Thunder 12" 1995
Portraits of Past The Outlook Is Bleak Discography 1995
Yage We Lost Beauty Some Time Of A Time 2003
Beau Navire Communique Lumens 2012
Lowercase Floodlit The Going Away Present 1999


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... music to simply let go to :)
Math Rock/Shoegaze
Overall Violence
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