Your Garden Is Haunted on Mon 2/12/24

Artist Title Album Label New Local
SRSQ It Always Rains Ever Crashing
Claire Voyant Love Is Blind Love Is Blind
Beth Gibbons Floating On A Moment Floating On A Moment
Odetta If I Had a Ribbon Bow Sings Ballads & Blues
Rosie Diamond For Kenneth Daisy
Vera Sola Waiting Peacemaker
HTRK Straight to Hell Rhinestones
Woodsie The Worming Death Sanctuary
Tamino A Drop of Blood Sahar
Wind Atlas The Joy of the Auloniad Lingua Ignota
Aya Nishina Chieko Flora
Kalafina fairytale Seventh Heaven
Laura Wolf Birch Tree Shelf Life
Les Halles Roundelay Transient
The Last Dinner Party Gjuha Prelude to Ecstasy
Dead Can Dance Severance The Serpent's Egg
Bulgarian State Television Female Choir Dragana i Slavei Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares, Vol. 2
DM Stith Waving 1 Waving 1-4
RURUTIA Giselle Promised Land
Katia Krow Into the Helio Slumber Whispers from the Bloc Obscure (new)
In The Nursery Biello Dumlo Lingua
a.s.o. LITD pt.1 a.s.o.
Taeko Ohnuki Sargasso Sea SUNSHOWER
Hotel Neon The Time Between (Live) Live at the Gatherings (2019)
Mol Sullivan Biting Your Teeth GOOSE
Kali Malone No Sun To Burn (for brass) All Life Long (new)

Your Garden Is Haunted

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