2-Step on Mon 2/12/24

valentine's day special ! half screamo / half dream pop shoegaze for both audiences on feb 14 <3

Artist Title Album Local
Visions In Blindness And Now! Let The Wild Rumpus Begin! In Place Of Letters Never Sent
Versera We met at a place we both hate All the poems I wrote about you
Catalyst... dried out ...
Knumears I love you now I love you never Split with vs self
Massa Nera Division Quatro Vientos Cinco Soles
Pageninetynine In love with an apparition Document #8
Sweet Trip Milk - 2021 Remaster You Will Never Know Why (2021 Remaster)
Doused Strawberry Blonde Murmur
my bloody valentine When You Sleep Loveless
Cocteau Twins Those Eyes, That Mouth Love's Easy Tears
Mira In Theory apart
Mojave 3 Love Songs on the Radio Ask Me Tomorrow


Monday 9-10pm
Monday 10-11pm
Tuesday 2-3pm
... music to simply let go to :)
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