2-Step on Mon 4/22/24

earth day theme: all songs have an earth-related word ! hope u said thx to the planet td

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Wisp Mimi Pandora
voyeur Ugly Ugly
Febuary Slow Dance Tune For Abigail February new
Title Fight Leaf Floral Green
Vs Self Waves Everything Seems Better Now
Middle Earth Dueling Worlds MIddle Earth 2
Lord Snow Dark Cloud Solitude
Dim Earth To Realize Its Own, the Earth
godfuck Moonless Earth Theory Moonless Earth Theory
Algae Bloom List/Leaves I am everyone I've ever met
Alinah tsunami! crows crows crows crows
Senza Born of Dirt Even a Worm Will Turn
Kidcrash The Ground Eats You Jokes
Flesh Born Of the Same Earth Faces of the Morning Year
novely rub some dirt on it gaps in the fence...i can see througjh
Flooding Salt of the Earth Flooding
The Spirit of Versailles Exorcism at Moon River Discography
Rookie Card I'm the Earth, Bitches! For Ryan
Mk.gee Are You Looking Up Two Star & The Dream Police
Maggie Rogers All The Same Don't Forget Me
winters 349 349 new
Grouper Poison Tree Inca Ore / Grouper
Horse Jumper of Love DIRT Horse Jumper of Love
Death Cab for Cutie Grapevine Fires Narrow Stairs
The Backseat Lovers Snowbank Blues Waiting to Spill
Strawberry Switchblade Trees and Flowers 1982 4 Piece Demo
The Cure A Forest - 2006 Remaster Seventeen Seconds (Deluxe Edition)
Men I Trust Tree Among Shrubs Untourable Album
Autumn's Grey Solace Cast to the Seas in Storms Within The Depths Of A Darkened Forest


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