2-Step on Mon 5/13/24

farewell show for Connor ! was pleasantly joined by my brother Connor and best friends Rachel and Luke one last time before Con is deployed : ( all songs are what we listened to growing up / bonded over through the years

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Mannequin Pussy Loud Bark I Got Heaven
NØ MAN God's Neighborhood Glitter and Spit
Contention, Broken Vow Ousted From Eden Artillery From Heaven new
Knocked Loose, Counterparts Billy No Mates Laugh Tracks
Taking Back Sunday You're So Last Summer Tell All Your Friends (Remastered)
Microwave Float to the Top Death is a Warm Blanket
No Pressure So You Say No Pressure
Lorna Shore To the Hellfire ...And I Return To Nothingness - EP
Title Fight Numb, But I Still Feel It Floral Green
Desolation Withered Withered
The 1975 Robbers The 1975 (Deluxe Version)
The Backseat Lovers Maple Syrup When We Were Friends
Infant Annihilator Blasphemian The Elysian Grandeval Galèriarch
Adrianne Lenker No Machine Bright Future
Cherry Glazerr Ready For You I Don't Want You Anymore
Synestia, Disembodied Tyrant Death Empress The Poetic Edda new
blink-182 Wasting Time Cheshire Cat
José González Far Away Red Dead Redemption Original Soundtrack
Attack Attack! Stick Stickly Someday Came Suddenly
Underoath A Boy Brushed Red Living In Black And White They're Only Chasing Safety
Neck Deep In Bloom The Peace And The Panic
The Devil Wears Prada Dogs Can Grow Beards All Over Dear Love: A Beautiul Discord
Obsolescence Your Gutted End Natural Violence
Tom Petty Free Fallin' Full Moon Fever


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... music to simply let go to :)
Math Rock
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