Have a Seat on Wed 5/15/24

i'll be there too absolutely blue

Artist Title Album Label New
Inner Space Visitor Above Floating Cloud Transportation
bruno pewma Respiro inimitable
Birdsnake, Sattle Pressure Point - Sattle Remix Pressure Point (Sattle Remix)
HOMESHAKE Nothing 2 See Nothing 2 See New
Harmony Index As As The Silk Churns Discreetly As As The Silk Churns Discreetly
Chanel Beads Police Scanner Your Day Will Come
Wallace Tonight! Peach That's The Blues
The Nick Gilder Sweeney Todd Group Hot Child In The City LongTime Coming
Trinket Silver Thread New Hobby
Ducks Ltd. When You're Outside When You're Outside
Pincey Slippi The Bitter End (B-SIDES)
Digitalism Indoor Sunshine Idealism Forever (Anniversary Edition)

Have a Seat

Wednesday 9-10am
Wednesday 9-10am
Tuesday 4-5pm
thoughts of the musical variety, among others
Alt Rock
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