Maximalist Mayhem on Wed 5/15/24

Artist Title Album New Local
Looprider Satellite My Electric Fantasy
Floor Kallisti - Song For Eris Floor
Gaytheist Manhattan Hold Me... But Not So Tight
Hum Dreamboat Downward Is Heavenward
Ovens Fired from the Vogue Pt. 1 Ovens
Heccra Banjo-Kazooie Heccra-Kazooie
Brave Little Abacus But I Won't Always Be on the Recieving End Masked Dancers: Concern in So Many Things You Forget Where You Are
Brave Little Abacus A Map of the Stars Masked Dancers: Concern in So Many Things You Forget Where You Are
Crying Well and Spring Beyond the Fleeting Gales
The Smashing Pumpkins Frail & Bedazzled Pisces Iscariot
Ovlov Really Bees Am
Christie Front Drive Seven Day Candle Stereo
Saetia The Sweetness and the Light Collected
Piebald Grace Kelly With Wings If It Weren't for Venetian Blinds, It Would Be Curtains for Us All
My Chemical Romance Vampires Will Never Hurt You I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love
Squirrel Bait Sun God Squirrel Bait
Rites of Spring Deeper Than Inside Rites of Spring
The Dillinger Escape Plan Sugar Coated Sour Calculating Infinity
Clown Core Toilet Toilet
Lift To Experience Just As Was Told The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads
Torche Grenades Meanderthal
Cheers, Pricks!! The Big Angry Bayou Man Keeps Coming Back Third Eye Opening Scar
Force Model Some Vessel Found Camera
IDLES Hall & Oates TANGK
Greg Saunier There Were Rebels We Sang, Therefore We Were
Mannequin Pussy Sometimes I Got Heaven
Dehd Alien Alien
Non La Like Before Like Before
Floor Oblation Oblation
One Last Wish My Better Half 1986
Sugar Wounds Glitter Rained Down from the Elevated Ceiling Mechanical Friends
Sugar Wounds Sparkling Nightlife Mechanical Friends
Melt-Banana The Hive Fetch
Oceans Ate Alaska Covert Hikari
Fucked Up The One I Want Will Come for Me Dose Your Dreams
Desaparecidos Popn' Off At The F Saddle Creek 50
Everything Left Unsaid They would love to hear from you We Are All So Insignificant
Rookie Card Staiway to Heaven, Pt. 2 For Ryan
TINY HAWKS Maps,one fingers become bridges
TINY HAWKS You Got the Right fingers become bridges
Napalm Death You Suffer Scum
Descendents I Like Food Fat

Maximalist Mayhem

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Tuesday 3-4pm
Wednesday 2-3pm
Philadelphia thrash-pop money
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