2-Step on Mon 6/10/24

special guest & friend Jake Zook joined me in the studio td to yap abt the screamo scene and such #yapcity

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Sissy Spacek Fools Gold Disfathom
Nuvolascura As the Mask Begins to Slip As We Suffer From Memory & Imagination
Blind Girls Dissonance Dissonance new
letsmakenothinghappen this guy got a big butt kill your local politician
fluoride alienate disentanglement
Fainting in Coils Derision Demo
widowdusk Siamo Cowboy Senza Pistole Self-Titled
New Forms Perpetual Dream State As Dust Collects
Lord Snow Corpse Pose Solitude
The Sawtooth Grin Satan Would Sit in the Smoking Section But He Doesnt Like the Creepy Waiter Cuddlemonster
Soul Glo Untitled 1 Untitled LP
novely silence is a symphony gaps in the fence...i can see through
Middle Earth Failed Species Middle Earth 2
Mouthing Bind Mouthing
Backslider Collision of Desire Backslider - Psychic Rot
Balmora Under the Wieght of a Blackened Sky With Thorns of Glass and Petals of Grief
OLTH sOmebOdy TeLL me, am i aLOne every day is sOmeOne's speciaL day
GEL Mirage Mirage
Clay Birds Sleep Paralysis Bled Out and Painted Blue
Autumn Sonata Candy Flip Demo
Kaonashi Sarah & The Scraped Knee The 3 Faces Of Beauty: A Violent Misinterpretation of Morgan Montgomery
Lagrimas A Life of Destruction A Life of Destruction new
The Hirs Collective It's Ok to Be Sick Friends. Lovers. Favorites
Diuretic Vegan Household MARTYRFUCKER
Cloud Rat Corset Threshold
Come Mierda Warzone Demo 2021
Massa Nera Adrift Derramar | Querer | Borrar
Kiowa You're eggin em on! Forever ends today
The Great Redneck Hope Call Me Old-fashoined, But I Think Trains Are Kick-ass. Behold The Fuck Thunder
silk freshman fifteen more seconds of this i'm swerving into oncoming traffic split with blouse
Sonagi Pansori Precedent
BLOUSE choked out demo
Neil Perry Fading Away Like the Rest of Them A Days Refrain/Neil Perry Split
Knumears Bridged 4-Way Split
bulletsbetweentongues Man Without Fear The Lights Never Lie
Tears of Avarel The Most Comforting of Hands Demo
grimlitter Glass Follicle (EP)
Pyre Unforgiven 7 Post Marked Stamps #4 x Biliardo Split


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Math Rock / Shoegaze
Overall Violence
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