Partly Cloudy on Sat 6/29/24

EVERYTHING is from 2024! find more info on some of these below and other related info. Thank you for listening <3

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singles from this week with albums on the way:
- Mexican Coke (EP) by Mexican Coke is out July 12
- A Second Chance at Forever: The Brilliant Lies of Casey Diamond (EP) by Kaonashi is out July 26
- Soon We'll All Be Smoking (EP) by Clothesline From Hell is out July 26
- Disaster Trick by Horse Jumper of Love is out August 16
- Persona (EP) by GEL is out August 16
- Rose Main Reading Room by Peel Dream Magazine is out September 4
- Free Energy by Dummy is out September 6
- Manning Fireworks by MJ Lenderman is out September 6
- Art Of The Unseen Infinity Machine by Allegra Krieger is out September 13
- Everything Around You by Feeling Figures is out September 27
- Party Album by Famous is out October 11

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Pardoner Over the Moon Paranoid In Hell Convulse Records
Dummy Nullspace Free Energy Trouble In Mind Records
They Are Gutting a Body of Water a construct in the as god is dreaming swanlike (loosies 2020-2023 TAGABOW / Many Hats Distribution
Allegra Krieger Never Arriving Art of the Unseen Infinity Machine Double Double Whammy
Cheekface Popular 2 It's Sorted Self-Released
MJ Lenderman She's Leaving You Manning Fireworks ANTI- Records
A Country Western Great is the Grip of the Hawk Life on the Lawn Crafted Sounds
Feeling Figures Swimming Everything Around You K Records / Perennial Records
Uranium Club Tokyo Paris L.A. Milan Infants Under the Bulb Static Shock Records
Powerwasher Same Time / Same Channel Everyone Laughs Strange View Records
The Garden Filthy Rabbit Hole Filthy Rabbit Hole Vada Vada
Isotope Soap From the Trees From the Trees Erste Theke Tontraeger
GEL Persona Persona (EP) Blue Grape Music
Mexican Coke Hand Cannon Mexican Coke (EP) Convulse Records
Kaonashi Straycations A Second Chance at Forever: The Brilliant Lies of Casey Diamond (EP) Equal Vision Records
callejera WET DREAMS GUTTING (EP) jitterbugz
Famous God Hold You Party Album untitled (recs)
Problem Patterns I Think You Should Leave I Think You Should Leave Self-Released
Machine Girl Dance in the Fire SUPER FREQ (EP) FREQ
O. 176 WeirdOs Speedy Wunderground / [PIAS]
Clothesline From Hell You Don't Know Soon We'll All Be Smoking (EP) 444%
Tomato Flower Temple of the Mind No Ramp Local
Geo Big Fire Out of Body Self-Released
Peel Dream Magazine Lie in the Gutter Rose Main Reading Room Topshelf Records
Aluminum Everything Fully Beat felte
Guitar One Unit of Chaos Casting Spells on Turtlehead (EP) Spared Flesh / Julia's War
Horse Jumper of Love Snow Angel Disaster Trick Run For Cover
A Country Western Wasting The Weekends Life on the Lawn Crafted Sounds
A. Savage Black Holes, the Stars and You Black Holes, the Stars and You Rough Trade

Partly Cloudy

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