Your Garden Is Haunted on Mon 7/1/24

first half of 2024 recap for first hour(ish)!

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Sissi Rada Sunnefo Aporia
Tex Patrello Witchita Falls Minotaur
El Perro del Mar In Silence Big Anonymous
bod [包家巷] this way our lives intersect elision
Naemi, Erika de Casier It Feels So Good w/ Erika Dust Devil
Martha Skye Murphy Theme Parks Um (new)
Keeley Forsyth The Hollow The Hollow
Bat for Lashes At Your Feet The Dream of Delphi
Jessica Pratt Nowhere It Was Here in the Pitch
Eoin O'Sullivan Sleep Home / Sweet
Daisy Rickman Signpost to the Stars Howl
Kaho Matsui failson i want it more than i want to be well
Argo Nuff internet cowboy taking a break from my phone (new)
Kacy Hill Honey Boba Boy BUG
James K Drunktrack PET
Haunted Disco Goner Goner
Midwife Name Like Author, Like Daughter
Tujiko Noriko, Lawrence English, Benjamin Thompson Switch Of The Sun In You Blurred In My Mirror
Eartheater Peripheral Irirsiri
patchbaydoor you don't live here anymore resonance
Beth Gibbons Burden of Life Lives Outgrown
Love Spirals Downwards Love's Labour's Lost (Heavenly Voices Mix) Idyllis
Anna von Hauswolff Liturgy of Light Ceremony
Anastasia Coope Women's Role in War Darning Woman

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