2-Step on Mon 7/1/24

word of the week:
brat (noun):
1 a : specifically : an ill-mannered annoying child
b : an ill-mannered immature person
2 : the child of a career military person
Example : "stream brat."

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Clairo Nomad Nomad 2024
Future Terror Falsehood Plague 2019
Dim semilla semilla new 2024
sinema The House Always Wins Consider It Your Fault 2024
Gxllium If Hector Was a Beaver Split with Onewaymirror 2024
Destroyer Destroyer Horse-Drawn Littered With Arrows 2007
...Of Death Drawing Heat Generation of Vipers 2002
Dispensing Of False Halos Here's a Noose With Prayers and a Scalpel 2003
Strictly Ballroom I Love... (1995) Collected Recordings 1994- 1999 1995
Internal Rot Placed in Excrement Split 7 2014
Audience Of One Show Your Teeth I Remember.... 1999
letsmakenothinghappen, idiedlastnovember We Aren't Vampires, We're Cowboys (idiedlastnovember) This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Two Of Us! 2023
Lowercase Floodlit The Going Away Present 1999
Charli xcx Sympathy is a knife BRAT new 2024


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