2-Step on Mon 7/8/24

word of the week:
closure (noun):
1 a : an act of closing
b : the condition of being closed
2 : an often comforting or satisfying sense of finality
Example : "their conversation offered her peace and closure."

Artist Title Album Label New Local
King Krule Time For Sleep SHHHHHHH! 2024
Joyer Night Song Night Songs 2024
Blind GIrls Less Than Three An Exit Exists new 2024
Seven Crimson Suns Painting the town red through the back of my head Summer Promo -24 new 2024
journal You're gonna need two guns to shoot me down, bud. journal 2024
Textbook Traitors Fine Day to Die You Pull the Strings That Make Us Dance 2002
Examination Of The... She's No Stitch We Are the Architects of Desire 2001
The Spirit of Versailles A Form of Closure Discography 2000
Lessener Our Form of Closure Lessener 2018
Ravachol Prerequisite Silence The Revolution Of Every Day Life 2012
See You Next Tuesday 8 Dead, 9 If You Count the Fetus Parasite 2007
4waydancebattle Leave on Your Feet or Wrapped in Your Flag two song demo new 2024
.gif from god Possible Futures in the Minds of Children Approximation_of_a_human 2019
Suicide Silence Unanswered The Cleansing 2008
Kidcrash Life Was Real. Vital. Urgent. Important. / Bum Guts Jokes 2007


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