Unconscious Compositions on Tue 9/13/11

Artist Title Album
Tommy Garrett Blue Hawaii/Hawaiian Wedding Song 50 Guitars Visit Hawaii
Howard Wales & Jerry Garcia A Trip To What Next Hooteroll?
Sun-Ra Interstellar Loways Interstellar Lo ways
John Etnier Life in New York Demos
Bill Evans Event III Living Time
John Etnier Oak Leaf Cluster Demos
Ethos Intreped Traveller Ethos (adour)
Lenny White Big City Big City
Richard Evans Angela, My Sister Dealing With Hard Times
Charles Earland Mona Lisa The Great Pyramid
Digital Mystikz Guilty Box of Dub
Underworld Rez 12"
Toasty On Something 12"
Protein Rotti Soss
Funkarma Klel d.u.b. #17
Burial Stolen/Poppies A Mutual Anti-Party
Return to Forever The Shadow of Lo Where Have I Known You Before?
Sadao Watanabe Sao Paulo Round Trip
The Don Ellis Orchestra Open Beauty Electric Bath
Herbie Hancock Actual Proof Thrust
The New Tony Williams Lifetime Million Dollar Legs Million Dollar Legs
Mahavishnu Orchestra Cosmic Strut Visions of the Emerold Beyond
Charlie Byrd Quartet Blues 13 Let Go
Ravi Shankar Tala Rasa Ranga Portrait of a Genius
Manitas De Plata Aragon : Danse Aragonaise The Spain of Manitas
Charlie Byrd Four O'Clock Funk Blues For Night People
George Benson Gone In Concert - Carnegie Hall

Unconscious Compositions

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Tune in and get psychedelic with DJ Jim. Diggin deeper and deeper into his archives, every week will surely be a heady ear candy crystaly treat. Mmmmmmm - Tuesdays on WKDU, baby.
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