Dissociative Identity on Tue 1/28/14

Beinvenido a la semana tres en la universidad de Drexel. It's enlightening and sightly frustrating however Dissociative Identity will aid in whatever ongoing struggles you may be a part of. You can listen online via WKDU Philadelphia, 91.7 fm or through them airwaves a la radio at 91.7 fm for a program which will feature Small Wonder, Real Estate, Mallard, Black Lips, and even a new track from the upcoming Beck album, Morning Phase. Neato. Tumble at the Dissociative Identity Productions tumblr and like/follow the Facebook/Twitter. Let's talk about sex.

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Artist Title Album New
Harsh Vibes Hidden Doors Dead Collective Soul
Sore Eros & Kurt Vile Jamaica Plain Sore Eros & Kurt Vile
The Denzels Self Talk Self Talk EP
Darkside Megatron Psychic
BattleMe Just Weight Weight on the Brain
Pete Seeger Where Have All The Flowers Gone Songs of Pete Seeger Vol. I
Girl Band Lawman France 98
Black Lips Boys in the Wood Underneath the Rainbow
Youth Lagoon Worms Space Project
Small Wonder Ball Lightning Wendy
Real Estate Talking Backwards Atlas
Dead Tenors Pack Your Bags Pack Your Bags
Public Dims Lorimer Vent Somewhere Else
Fried Monk iypEv2
Mallard Black Duck Summer 2013
Black Books Maria Black Books
Infinity Girl Taking Nothing Just Like Lovers
Destroyer Maria De Las Nieves Five Spanish Songs
Ted Nguyent The PPA Stole My Baby Away Don't Vote
Cate Le Bon I Can't Help You Mug Museum
Beck Blue Moon Morning Phase
Toy Light Afterlife Afterlife
Likers Two at a Time Men of Honor - PREVIEW
Americans in France Crawling Crawling
Time Hitler and the Assholes from Space Thin Red Line Wild & Willing
Damon Albarn Everyday Robots Everyday Robots
No Age I Won't Be Your Generator An Object
Cousin Brain Breaking the Stone (Rough Mix) Untitled
Cheerleader New Daze Cheerleader Demos
Idiot Kid Have A Starry Eyed Day You Shit Stick Your Head In The Water
Ted Nguyent My Body is a Temple of Doom Don't Vote

Dissociative Identity

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If your high school band was a clone of Cap'n Jazz and the only movie soundtrack you own is Friday Night Lights, Dissociative Identity is for you. Tune in for all that is math, lo-fi, garage, indie rock, and post-hardcore, with Dissociative Identity on WKDU Philadelphia, 91.7 fm.
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