Dissociative Identity on Mon 5/19/14

Blank. Pretty meta, eh? Dissociative Identity is back here on WKDU Philadelphia, 91.7 fm. insert something witty about radio and internet, aka methods of listening, and metnion that this program includes postrock, math rock, and garage rock, followed by some topical humor as well sa plugs for individual bands including Cousin Brian, Broken Beak, Animal Flag, Ted Nguyent, and of course either a particularly special plug or some kind of milyl amusing humor.
A word. Whorish behavior: Dissociative Identity Productions’ Tumblr and don't forget the social networks, Facebook/Twitter/Wordpress/Youtube. Something though provoking is usually brought up right here.

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Artist Title Album Label New
Cheap Girls Short Cut Days Famus Graves
Cloud Nothings Pattern Walks Here and Nowhere Else
Alex G Tripped Paint http://sandy.bandcamp.com/album/paint
Alex G Amof Paint http://sandy.bandcamp.com/album/paint
Bleeding Rainbows Images Interrupt
Ovlov Milk AM
Leaky Soups Coconut Part II Imagine Like 12 Dogs Running Around On Top Of You
Ted Nguyent Beach Anarchy Don't Vote
Ted Nguyent Larkey's Lament Don't Vote
Hightide Hotel Built To Last Dikembe / Hightide Hotel / Jets Set Sail; / Monument (Four Way Split)
Address 205 Address
Sad And French Against The Rules Sad And French EP
Ma Jolie Cannonball Polars
Tobacco Good Complexion Ultima II Massage
The Menzingers Where Your Heartache Exists Rented World
Guided By Voices Psychotic Crush Cool World
Somniac It Takes One To Know One It Takes One To Know One
Smoother Craft&Claw Guys Till We Die
Animal Flag The Management of Grief Everything Will Be Okay
Plainview Breathe Breathe
Sovereignties Detlef ... Stepped Out
Sinai Vessel Drown Around Profanity EP
Nicknames Empties In The Pool Lowball
Blankbook Kazoo Day Words In Your Head
Stereo Coma Bazooka Songs From The Cellar
Pinegrove V &
Tawny Peaks Confessor's Kingdom In Silver River
Alex G Paint Paint
Fun Home Bad Weather Knit Into Place
Broken Beak Psychic House Old Evil

Dissociative Identity

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If your high school band was a clone of Cap'n Jazz and the only movie soundtrack you own is Friday Night Lights, Dissociative Identity is for you. Tune in for all that is math, lo-fi, garage, indie rock, and post-hardcore, with Dissociative Identity on WKDU Philadelphia, 91.7 fm.
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