Dr. Plotkin's Majikal Morning X-Perience on Mon 4/20/15

Artist Title Album Label New
Saffron Petra I 1080p
Einmusik Azur Einmusika Recordings
Tommy '86 New Lands
Fort Romeau Insides Ghostly International
Daphni Yes, I Know Jiaolong
Classixx Rhythm Santa Clara Innovative Leisure
Classixx Dominoes Innovative Leisure
Makeup and Vanity Set Praxis Telefuture
Perturbator Miami Disco Aphasia Records
Shpongle A New Way To Say Hooray (Prometheus remix) Twisted Records
Younger Brother Scanner Twisted Records
Audion Sky Spectral Sound
Kalvin Won't Let You Go Bambousek Records
Dorisburg Tundra Aniara Recordings
Force of Nature Sequence (Stefan Goldmann remix) Mule Musiq
Vue Sur La Mer Incertitude Yunizon Records
Max Graef Vino Rosetto (feat. Labuzinski) Tarletet Records
Telequanta Moonstone Obelisk Data Garden
Gold Panda India Lately Ghostly International
Georges Vert Sue Le Vif Melodic Records
CHICAGO¤lollie Marketing
Chevaliers Liqueur Space Lagoon Bambousek Records
Chevaliers Liqueur Hawaii Bambousek Records

Dr. Plotkin's Majikal Morning X-Perience

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Monday 7-9am
Monday 7-9am
Got a case of the Mondays? The doctor is to to have the cure for you! Maybe you're stuck in traffic on 76, perhaps all that whiskey from the weekend is catching up to you, or you plain just don't want the weekend to end. Dr. Plotkin recommends a healthy dose of two hours of groovy tunes, taken directly in your eardrums. Feel free to get up and dance, jam in your car seat, or just turn up the volume and tune out your boss.