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Artist Title Album New
Ancestors Whispers In Dreams And Time
Gorguts The Battle Of Chamdo Colored Sands
Eyving Kang Circle Of Fair Karma The Story Of Iceland
Opeth Reverie/Harlequin Forest Ghost Reveries
Strapping Young Lad Critic Heavy As A really Heavy Thing
Blotted Science Amnesia The Mechanations Of Dementia
Job For A Cowboy Unfurling A Darkened Gospel Ruination
FORMS (SC3) Scorched Earth Saturnalla (Movement 1) Folio A: Book Of Souls
Mr. Bungle The Bends (Excerpt - "Aqua Swing") Disco Volante
FORMS (SC3) Scorched Earth Saturnalla (Movement 2) Folio A: Book Of Souls
Fantômas 4/18/05 Week Of The Yesterday Suspended Animation
FORMS (SC3) Scorched Earth Saturnalla (Movement 3) Folio A: Book Of Souls
Zu Mimosa Hostilis (pt.1) Carboniferous
FORMS (SC3) Scorched Earth Saturnalla (Movement 4) Folio A: Book Of Souls
Zu Mimosa Hostilis (pt.2) Carboniferous
Charts & Maps Gold Roomer Dead Horse
Serious Beak Swagger Huxwhukw
Scale The Summit Pontus Euxinus V
Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats Inside The Night Creeper
Between The Buried And Me Memory Palace Coma Ecliptic
Giant Squid Versus The Siren Metridium Fields
Pelican Strung Up From The Sky What We All Come To Need
Cloudkicker A weather front was stalled out in the Pacific--like a lonely person, lost in thought, oblivious of time. (Excerpt) Subsume
Tempel Carving In The Door The Moon Lit Our Path

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